I was glad because I thought I could breeze through life without any responsibilities. I was a drug addict so I manipulated the prison system to get prescribed medication. I was diagnosed as bipolar, antisocial borderline personality, depressed and full of anxiety and on top of that addicted to street drugs. I continued to take the medication they prescribed for 5 years. I would sleep on my cot in prison for 15 hours a day. I returned to prison 7 times. The prison would give me $200 each time I would leave and when that $200 would run out I would be arrested again for prostitution. After 3 years I came to San Diego to see my parole officer. I spent the night at my daughter's house. She slept on a blown up mattress on the ground and that night, as I slept with her, I suddenly woke up to hundreds of cockroaches around me. I got a sandal and stomped them. It hurt so bad to know how she was living. This was a turning point for me. I cried to God and I submitted to my parole Officer the next day. He brought me to New Entra Casa and I am so thankful to him. I thank the Lord for keeping me HIV free. Today I am no longer on medication. I see my daughter every other week. She is now 15 years old and loves me and our church.

I have been working with Rosalinda since she entered the program. I work with her weekly and seeing her blossom into the beautiful Woman and spirit she was created to be has been life changing for me. I design projects that will create a platform for growth and self reflection and acceptance, with a strong foundation of sisterhood.

If you are interested in supporting this and other Art Therapy outreach programs, please don*t hesitate to contact me, there are many ways you can be part of such a rewarding interaction.

Art Takes A Village
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